Tuesday, July 31, 2012

40 by 40

My blog has always been dedicated to the adventures of my children, but today I have decided to write a post that is all about me. The best way to teach my children to be goal-oriented is to show them my successes and failures as I strive to achieve goals of my own. I am 32. This is my 8-year bucket list. Wish me luck!

1)      Ride in a hot air balloon.
2)      Build a home: This should not have a literal interpretation. Those who have seen me with a hammer know that would be dangerous to all involved. I’ve lived in 5 states and moved countless times and would like to feel “home” in a place where I am surrounded by friends and family.
3)      Take a photography class
4)      Photograph a newborn session
5)     Go on a girls trip-NO KIDS ALLOWED!
6)      Take an art class with my husband and immerse myself in his world for a few hours
7)      Sing karaoke solo and sober (think Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend’s Wedding)
8)      Do a 5K fun run: mud run, color run, or one of those runs where they throw MnM's at you (I've never heard of this one either, but hey, ask and you shall receive, right?)
9)      Take my children to a drive-in/outdoor movie
10)   Go to the Grand Canyon
11)  Take a helicopter ride (combining 10 and 11 would be awesome)
12)  Whip out my boobs on Bourbon Street. Ha! I'm totally kidding...about the Bourbon Street part.
13)  Take a writing class
14)  Get something published
15)  Learn to drive a stick-shift
16)  Drive a Maserati, if just for a minute in a parking lot
17)  See Cirque Du Soleil’s "O" in Las Vegas
18)  See a show on Broadway
19)  Drive down the Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible
20)  Take my children and husband to Oregon to meet my family and see my birthplace
21)  Buy a nice DSLR
22)  Learn to use Photoshop
23)  Go on an airboat tour in the Everglades
24)  Take my princesses to Disney
25)  Go to Greece
26)  Learn one awesome culinary skill involving fire, other than making Flaming Dr. Peppers (crème brulee attempt likely)
27)  Have a picnic on the beach
28)  Conquer needle fear and donate blood
29)  Send birthday cards (envelopes, stamps, mailbox) instead of text messages
30)  Go camping in an actual tent in the wilderness
31)  Visit Ice Structure (official Ice Hotel in Sweden, Minus5 in Las Vegas as slacker goal)
32)   Help my children volunteer at one charity event of their choice each year.
33)  Take a cross-country RV trip
34)  Go on a minimum of 2 dates per month with my husband
35)  Take a cruise completely for free (hint, hint to my family on the Oosterdam)
36)  Ride bikes with my kids across the Golden Gate Bridge
37)  Turn on the grill and grill a perfect “medium” steak by myself
38)  Join a church and give my children the gift of faith
39)  Add one pair of Louboutin's to my collection by whatever method necessary (beg, borrow, steal).
40)  Pay off credit card debt (difficult with #39)