Friday, July 29, 2011

X Marks the Spot

Last week at the beach, everyone spent a lot of time looking for the perfect shell. Some spent time scanning the sand with a metal detector. Who would be the one to find the most memorable treasure?

I was watching Audrey splash in the waves as they crashed onto the beach, when she found the most beautiful glass mushroom. It was translucent and it almost shimmered in the sunlight. I thought it was just the kind of thing that you would find in one of the cute beach gift shops and Audrey was so proud when she brought it over with both hands wrapped tightly around the mushroom cap. “Wow, Audrey that’s really pretty. What did you fin…” and then my voice left me with the realization that she was holding a jellyfish.

Every parent has felt the adrenaline from fear that you are too late to protect your child. I grabbed her arms and shook the jellyfish out of her hands. It flew into the air and bounced a few times on the sand before being washed back into the surf. Audrey was never stung and I realized in that moment (which felt like an hour, but lasted only seconds) that she is my most memorable treasure.


  1. Very well stated!


  2. Mandy,I would have had a coronary...Glad she's ok,I love the way you tell your stories..It's like a new book every time..Keep it coming:):)

  3. Anonymous Lisa,
    Thanks for commenting!

    Thanks for your support! Luckily, I'm never at a loss for material with my two girls!