Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Age is just a number

Audrey is already getting excited about her birthday, which is two months away, and she talks about it relentlessly: “I will be three and Abby will be two and Mommy will be five and Daddy will be six”.  It’s bad enough that I have to age on my own birthday, but apparently, we all age on Audrey’s birthday, as well. People always say that children keep you young, but those people are wrong.

The rate at which I age has increased exponentially since I had children. Parent years are like dog years, because we age seven times faster than the general population. Sadly, with this conversion and Audrey’s generous estimation, I am 35 years old (which is older than I actually am, thus proving my hypothesis about rapid aging).  The whole scenario is made slightly more acceptable only by the fact that by following the same mathematical rules, my husband’s age is 42.


  1. Very cool Blog. Read quite a few of the posts today, feels like I practically know your kids now. LOL

  2. Anonymous,

    To know my kids is to love them! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  3. At the very least she made Adam older:):)