Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Showered with love

Bathing the girls is typically my duty, but Adam took the reins to give me a break tonight. Since I usually bathe them, they are used to my routine. I wasn’t surprised when I heard Audrey screaming for me “Mommy! You do it! You do it!” I ignored her pleas initially, simply assuming that Adam was doing something differently and that she would eventually adjust. Her continued screaming finally convinced me to ascend the stairs and peek in the bathroom.

I saw Adam standing a few feet away from them, hosing the shampoo out of their hair and directly into their eyes. The scene actually reminded me of the carnival game where players race to pop a balloon by spraying a stream of water into a clown’s mouth. I stepped into view and gave Adam the look that all husbands are privy to on a daily basis. The simplest interpretation of the look is “Seriously?” He smiled sheepishly and said “What? I was watering them like flowers.” I have no doubt that my girls will grow and flourish with their father’s love, but they might not need so much watering.


  1. Yes, Adam is "all man" which is why it is so hilarious watching him raise 2 girls!