Thursday, October 6, 2011

Things are seldom what they seem

Recently, we were at a gathering with old friends who were able to see us as parents for the first time. It is always amusing to see friends that we haven’t seen since we had children. These friends knew us in our younger years when we behaved like children ourselves. We rarely talked about our futures because we were too busy living for the moment, but we always knew that time would catch up with us regardless of how fast we ran.

Our children are the ages that allow little time for adult socialization because we spend the majority of the time chasing them and ensuring their happiness, so that they don’t have an embarrassing public meltdown. They are at the ages where I wish I could bring myself to place a leash on them and call it a backpack.

When the gathering was over, my husband and I compared notes about which old acquaintances we were actually able to talk to between trips to the sandbox and trips to the potty. We shared a really good laugh about the fact that someone had commented that we made parenting look easy. Watching someone with their children is like watching a duck in a pond. Everything is calm on the surface, but beneath the water the duck is paddling desperately just to stay afloat.

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