Monday, October 17, 2011

Love is fickle

Audrey’s favorite stuffed animal has changed several times. As a parent, it is always a shock when the adorable stuffed animal that I grew to love is suddenly tossed aside in favor of a new friend. Audrey first loved a baby monkey named “Momo” (by Audrey, obviously, because I would never come up with such an idiotic name) complete with a bib, diaper and pacifier. She eventually outgrew her bib, diaper, pacifier and stuffed monkey.

Her second love was an ugly brown bear that she picked from one of the central kiosks in the mall. I tried my very best to dissuade her love because she has so many other special stuffed animals that were gifts from family, but she was smitten with the ugly bear. The bear wore a bright pink bow around its neck, which was as helpful as putting lipstick on a pig…it was still an ugly brown bear.

Thankfully, Audrey’s love for “Brown Bear” faded when a new star emerged as her sidekick. Barnaby, the tiny horse, galloped into her heart and mine without hesitation. He ate, slept, played and vacationed with our family until the day that he fell out of Audrey’s favor.  One night, I walked into Audrey’s room and saw her arms wrapped around an enormous tan bear, while Barnaby had been shoved under the bed. I picked him up and gently placed him beside Audrey and the huge bear in the bed, but I could see the writing on the wall.

The next day, Audrey was referring to her tan bear as “Barnaby” and the tiny horse was nowhere to be found. Audrey’s blatant lack of loyalty is made much worse by her practice of casually replacing the supporting cast in her life, while keeping the same names, like a soap opera writer.  I know that finding the perfect relationship often takes evaluation of many options. I just hope that Audrey doesn’t always bring all of the “options” into her bed.