Monday, September 12, 2011

Fool’s Gold

This morning, an air conditioning technician came to our house for the third time this summer. When he came in and went upstairs to the attic, Audrey really wanted to join him. Adam explained to her that he was working and that it would be much better if he could work alone. Audrey demonstrated her understanding of the situation by saying “I do not need to bother the fireman”. Apparently for Audrey, all men in uniform are firemen, which is strangely accurate because he was definitely “putting out a fire” for us.

This afternoon, I was trying to talk to Adam on the phone. He was at home with the girls and I was calling to discuss important business (“Please tell me that the air conditioner is fixed”). The background noise was deafening, so I can only imagine how loud the girls were on Adam’s end.

The level of noise coming from my children is directly proportionate to the importance of the phone call in progress. I know that if we were ever in a situation where we required rescuing, I could convince my kids to scream for help at the top of their lungs simply by pretending to talk on the phone. Of course, Audrey would likely be disappointed when our hero showed up and he was not the air conditioning technician.