Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A season of change

We no longer have a need for a crib in our home. We no longer have a need for bottles. Our rocking chair has started to collect dust. Our high chair is at someone else’s house catching droplets of mashed squash and peaches. The nursery has been converted to a playroom. I pulled out the baby books that I made for my girls and wistfully flipped through them, already missing all of those little “firsts”. I didn’t realize that I should have been paying more attention to the “lasts”.  Saturday was the last time that Abby slept in her crib. I still remember the last time that Audrey played with my hair while she drowsily finished her bottle.

The dog days of summer are over and the temperature is starting to drop. The leaves will soon change and fall off the trees. Nothing is constant and it is amazing how quickly things transform before our eyes. There were so many times when my girls were babies that I thought “Please just let this pass” and now it has. My grandmother once told me that time passes more quickly the older you are, and finally, I understand. I promise to soak it all in and blink as little as possible. I know that just as the leaves drop, new ones will grow in the spring. I cannot wait to see what the next season brings.


  1. Love it Mandy,How sweet..Things really do fly by in a hurry!!

  2. The grandmother that I was referring to was your mom. She taught me so much!

  3. That's sweet,I miss her so much:(