Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Six degrees of separation

My husband and I just went on a romantic weekend getaway without our children. One would expect that during our time away, we would relish every free minute and think about our children rarely. We definitely relished every free minute, but we found that no matter how hard we tried, the conversation kept returning to our children. It was almost comical the way that we could link any topic to our children. My husband was discussing Michael Vick’s $100 million contract and I redirected our dialogue to debate the possibility of a dog as a Christmas present for the girls this year. We were thrilled to be able to relax in the “adults only” pool, but eventually we missed the raucous entertainment that only comes from acting like a kid.

We actually brought Audrey’s favorite stuffed animal so that we could chronicle his adventures and show Audrey what a good time he had “horsing around”. We told ourselves that we were bringing Barnaby for her, but he was actually a security blanket for us. I know that there will be a time when the separation between me and my children will span states and months, but for now, I am content to hold the pieces of my heart as close as possible.

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