Saturday, September 10, 2011

It’s the thought that counts

Earlier, I took the girls on an outing to Best Buy. They have managed to destroy yet another cord to an expensive electronic item. There is a reason that they sell the cords for all products individually and the reason is that there is no way to childproof a cord. My kids seek them out, like drug-sniffing dogs on Pablo Escobar’s plane, and destroy them.  This time, the sacred HDMI cord to the beloved PlayStation has been destroyed. I need to find a replacement quickly before my husband says something like “I can’t believe you let them play with that!”

I did not pull the cord out and offer it to them as a gift, and I actually said a cringe-worthy mom-phrase when I did see them playing tug o' war with it; “That is not a toy!” That ranks almost as high as “Because I said so” and right above “Don’t play with your food.”

When we arrived at Best Buy, Audrey began reading the letters on the sign “B-E-S-T”. I voiced my approval “Good Job, Audrey! What does B-E-S-T spell?”  She enthusiastically answered “Foot!”  I congratulated her on her amazing phonics “That is exactly right, Audrey” because I just didn’t have the heart to tell her she was wrong and she definitely deserved an “A” for effort.

I hope my husband will understand the fact that we wandered aimlessly around Best Buy for awhile before giving up and going next door to Target. I returned home with many things that we needed, minus an HDMI cord. As a reminder to my husband, at our house, we award “A’s” for effort.

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