Thursday, August 4, 2011

Everything has a price

The 18 Month Edition of “Toddler Tips” published by our pediatrician states “Mealtime should be a happy time for the family”.

Two overpriced kid’s meals that took thirty minutes to arrive even though you ordered them as soon as you sat down…$20

Dry cleaning your favorite pair of linen pants that were soiled while changing a diaper on your lap in a bathroom stall because the “family friendly” restaurant had no changing table…$7

Two overpriced ice cream sundaes that were ordered to keep the kids entertained after they threw their entire meals on the floor…$14

Getting your hair trimmed because you singed the ends in the “mood-lighting” candle while you were leaning across the table to wipe your child’s hands before she smeared hot fudge in her hair…$40

Four extra adult beverages that were chugged for survival between picking up dropped silverware, intervening in your children’s butter knife fight, and aimlessly wandering the restaurant to prevent a major meltdown…$20

Running from your table that is littered with sugar packets, straw wrappers, spilled drinks and overturned salt and pepper shakers, while holding a screaming child in one arm and to-go boxes filled with your uneaten meals in the other after enjoying a “happy family mealtime"...Priceless

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  1. Boy,do I want to go out to dinner with you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!