Sunday, August 21, 2011

Reverse Psychology

My daughter is terrible at hide-and-seek. Normally, once you find the person who is hiding, it becomes your turn to hide, but my daughter never allows this. As soon as I “find” her hiding in plain sight, she demands that I “Count to three again, Mommy!” Three may seem like a small number where hiding is concerned, but it really only takes one second to hide in the same place over and over again.

So, I close my eyes, count to three and begin searching the house, after stepping over her and pretending that she is not there. She is covering her eyes and giggling, which would be a dead giveaway of her location if she didn’t happen to be hiding right in the middle of the floor.

Amazingly enough, there have been many occasions at the mall when I have completely lost her among clothing racks. In those situations, I didn’t have to count to three, all I did was blink and she was gone. Maybe Audrey would be better at hide-and-seek if I called it “Shopping".

1 comment:

  1. Its cute that she hides right where you can see her...Kids sooo innocent!!