Monday, August 29, 2011

Pick your poison

I have a love-hate relationship with nap-time. I used to love napping on lazy Sunday afternoons, on rainy days and while I was supposed to be attending my classes in college. Since I have had children, nap-time has become an integral part of my hectic schedule instead of well-deserved break from my hectic schedule. The amount of sleep that my children get during nap-time has a very direct correlation with their behavior. On more than one occasion, I have finished entire books and reread them while waiting for a child to wake from their nap in the car.

Audrey has recently decided that she no longer wants to take naps, which is good because it reduces her ability to fight at bedtime by an hour. The only problem with this scenario is that she still technically needs a nap, but she is the boss and we are just the people who feed and clothe her. At approximately 5:00 PM (otherwise known as The Witching Hour) the wheels completely fall off. She becomes insolent and sullen if we try to reason with her and she becomes hyperactive when we try to reprimand her.

She reminds me of a fly that is trapped inside, buzzing around (screaming) and bouncing off of the walls, but swatting at it only makes it fly around more fervently. Coincidentally, 5:00 PM is when I usually pour myself a glass of wine. It’s too bad that there is a black fly in my chardonnay. Isn’t it ironic…don’t you think?

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  1. I hated it when my kids stopped taking naps,because I always napped with them...Good Luck:):)